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“FALLing in Love with Cooler Temps: Only in South Loop”

When autumn leaves start to fall Chicago is not for the faint of heart when it comes to weather. Mother Nature is a fickle one, going from sunny beach days to blustery winter days and hardly anything in between. But, that in between weather is just the best, when you are here in Chicago. That in-between time, being Fall.  When autumn leaves start to fall , you'll see people eagerly step outside more to enjoy the crisp, refreshing air, change out their sundresses for chunky sweaters and flannels, and eagerly look for things to do to celebrate the wonderful, yet fleeting season of Fall. South Loop folk know where the fun is to be had when we enter this season. Comfort food is the epitome of Fall and coziness. And you can get all that and more when you hit up the Mac and Cheese Fest in South Loop on November 4. Don't forget to nosh on the chorizo mac and cheese while you're there - delish ! Maybe you're like me and prefer bubbly most months out of the year. B

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